Fax machines begin to be commonplace in American businesses.."fax" stands for facsimile, which means "made like" in Latin...the machine itself scans images and then translates them into electrical impulses...at first general public used faxs at libraries or stores that charged a fee...now price of fax has fallen to point where average person can have one in his home...idea for and patent for fax machine dates back to 1843...Alexander Bain of England...Japan played large part in developing the fax because they needed a cheap way to transmitt messages using their huge alphabet.

Laser printers begin to appear in 1980's.

SONY "walkman" made its debut.

Smallpox was declared by the World Health Organization to be eradicated from the world...at one time was so prevalent that people didn't say "if" you were going to contract the disease, but "when"...Queen Elizabeth I had it and it caused her to go bald (her wearing of a wig started the trend of wearing wigs in colonial days)...Abe Lincoln had a mild case of it when he made the Gettysburg Address...George Washington had very severe facial scars from it...Andrew Jackson had it when he was imprisoned as a boy by the British (for not cleaning the boots of a officer)...and because if it his mother was able to secure his pardon...the Aztecs contracted it when they were fighting against Cortez, and it did more to defeat them than he.

Physicist Luis Alvarez and his son Walter Alvarez, a geologist, proposed their asteroid theory to explain the extinction of the dinosaurs...it said that  an asteroid 4-9 miles (6-15 km) in diameter hit the Earth  about 65 million years ago....the impact was so great that the asteroid penetrated the earth's crust and scattered dust and debris into the atmosphere, blocking off the sun's light...with huge fires breaking out, tsunamis hitting  the land, volcanic activity increasing and powerful storms occurring with high winds and acid rain...no wonder the dinosaurs died out....NOTE: This theory was taken seriously by scientists right from the beginning being that Luis Alverez had received the Nobel Prize for physics in 1968.

Mount Saint Helens, a volcano in the Cascade Mountains of Washington state, aobout  60 miles Northeast of Portland, Oregan, erupted killing 57 people...the eruption caused over 1000 feet of the peak to be blasted away (see photos), and a crater  formed...a severe earthquake followed that did much damage to the north side...causing it to fall away...the huge amount of dust thrown into the air affected the weather of the United States for months, with states such as Texas receiving subzero weather that winter...NOTE #1: The last ime Mt. St. Helens had erupted was 1857...it  probably has been the most active volcano of the cascade Mountains for over 4000 years....NOTE #2: The blast when the mountain top was blown off was equivalent to 500 times the power of the atomic bomb that destroyed Hiroshima!!!

 Mount  St Helens before
Mt. St. Helens during
Mount St. Helens after 
The first solar-cell power plant was dedicated at Natural Bridges National Monument, Utah....its cost was 3 million dollars and consists of 266,029 solar cells mounted in 12 rows...it produces an output of 100 kilowatts and supplies electricity for staff residences, maintenance facilituies, a visitor's center, and a water treatment plant...NOTE: The 100 kilowatt output of this station is very modest compared to hydroelectrical plants....for example one plant on the Niagara River produces 2 million kilowatts.

The first breaking up of kidney stones through use of ultra high sound waves was performed in various hospitals in the world....the process is called "lithtripy" (pronounced litho-trip-see)  literally means( 
stone breaking....kidney stones are very painful and in the past treatment often involved surgery to open the kidney  and remove the stone...the need for a general anesthetic and the recovery time from the surgery made this a fairly major procedure...the use of ultrsound breaks up the stones and they are then passed through the bladder with the urine....about 500,000 to 750,000 Americans a year acquire kidney stones with men bering afflicted 2 to 4 times as  often as women ...because 90 percent of kidney stones pass out of the body on their own within three to six weeks, a doctor will most likely at first 
prescribe only plenty of water for the patient -- at least three quarts a day -- and a pain medication, such as aspirin or acetaminophen with oxycodone....when this doesn't work lithtripy may be imployed. 
Kidney Stone
Kidney Stone
Kidney Stone

Academy Awards for 1980

Picture: Ordinary People
Actor: Robert DeNiro, The Raging Bull
Actress: Sissy Spacek, The Coal Miner's Daughter
The Grammy Awards: 1980
 Song  Christopher Cross, Sailing
 Album  Christopher Cross, Christopher Cross

Sports 1980
Baseball  Philadelphia 4 games, Kansas City 2 games
Football: Superbowl 15  Oakland Raiders 27, Philadelphia Eagles10
Basketball  Los Angeles
Hockey  New York Islanders
Heavyweight Champ  Larry Holmes (WBC), John Tate (WBA), Mike Weaver (WBA)
Indianapolis 500  Johnny Rutherford, Chaperral-Cosworth, Speed 142.862 mph
Kentucky Derby  Geniune Risk ridden by J. Vasquez
Wimbledon Singles  Bjorn Borg, Evonne Goolagong

Top Television Program of 1980-81
  State of Affairs for 1980

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